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"History: One of the more inscrutable Chinese pools, operates as a private mining pool, and as such is off-limits to ordinary miners. While other Chinese pools attempt to translate their services into English, doesn’t see the need, making the pool something of an enigma to westerners.

Trivia: In July, CEO Jiang Zhuoer debated Craig Wright, calling BSV’s path “extreme” and the concept of locking the protocol back to the original 0.1 version “ridiculous.”"

“We chose Canada because of the relatively cheap cost and the stability of the country and policies,” BTC.TOP Founder Jiang Zhuoer told Bloomberg, adding he also considered locations in Iran and Russia."

He says that BTC.TOP is currently a private pool with the hashrate belonging to big miners who support Bitcoin Unlimited"

The founder come out hard against Craig Wright, saying that "CSW has caused detrimental effects to the BCH community and I still think that CSW is a liar."

Some have speculated BTC.TOP’s hashrate comes primarily from Bitmain, but Zhuoer states that none of the hashrate belongs to Bitmain: “Jihan Wu keeps his hashrate in antpool &” – he says, before adding:

“China has many big miners. They don’t know what happen and what is BU before I contacted them one by one, but they all support big blocks once they understand what we are arguing about. They are the silent majority.”

"Our pool will switch to the most profitable chain automatically, let you make 30% more profit everyday,” said a BTC.TOP personnel according to a rough translation obtained by trustnodes."

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