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Works on

"ChainBridge is the a bridge between Ethereum and the Moonbeam parachain on Polkadot that will allow asset transfers between the two independent chains."

Current and former clients

As of 9-2019:

Team, Funding, partners, etc.



  1. Ethereum
  2. Web3
  3. Interchain
  4. Ethereum Cooperative
  5. Ethereum Community Fund
  • Got a grant from the Interchain Foundation (Cosmos) (29-6-2020).
  • Got a grant from the Ethereum Foundation to continue the maintenance and further development of Web3JS (4-9-2020).


  • Has links with the Ethereum Foundation since their whole team were one of the signatories on a leaked Ethereum Foundation document about maintaining cohesion ahead of its (at the time pending) Constantinople, Create2 fork.