Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs)

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"The goal of DLCs is to enable setting up contracts between two parties directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, using an oracle to determine the contract outcome. The innovative part about DLCs is enabling the execution of the contract by the parties without them having to notify the oracle. For more details, check the Discreet Log Contract specification, a set of document that aims to be what BIPs are to Bitcoin or BOLTs to Lightning, which describes how anyone can write their own code to create DLCs and become an oracle."


  1. "Crypto Garage with their P2PDerivatives application written in C++, which enables users users to enter into DLCs with each others.
  2. Suredbits which are implementing DLCs on bitcoin-s, the open source bitcoin library in Scala they support, and have developed several services (such as their oracles explorer) and types of DLCs. Their blog is a great resource to find out more!
  3. Atomic Finance which aims to provide a transparent way to earn yield on Bitcoin with DLCs."

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