Goldman Sachs

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Former Employees

  • Marcos Cunha; Director of WanLabs Americas. He recently served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Capital Factory/Google/Code2040 and as a Google Developers Expert for Growth. Marcos is an advisor to various companies and a mentor at Google's Pioneer Accelerator and University of Texas Longhorn Startup Lab.
  • John Piotrowski; Former Goldman Sachs, now Founder of The Ocean and advisor at TrueUSD. Formerly worked at McKinsey and the IMF.
  • Bill Wolf; Former managing director at Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Credit Suisse. Now advisor at TrueUSD.
  • Jeff Cartwright; now working on FB crypto project.
  • Carl Stern; Former Goldman Sachs and Boston Consulting Group, now at Bitpay on the Board of Directors
  • Jill Carlson; began her career as a credit trader, covering sovereign debt and derivatives, now advisor to multiple projects
  • Fortuna claims some of their team members from come here.
  • Gemini hired a former Goldman Sachs executive to lead their Asia expansion. 
  • Ankr claims (11-11-2020) that some of its team members come from here (among other big companies). 
  • Oasis Network; CMC claims on that some of the team members come from here (15-11-2020). 


Other Links

  • Was a founding member of R3 but dropped out in late 2016.
  • A Digital Asset Project Manager position opening at Goldman Sachs points towards the rekindling of the bank's digital asset program, according to The Block; based within its incubator program, the manager will direct the scope and scale of Goldman Sachs digital asset ambitions with one Block insider pointing toward development of a JPMCoin competitor.
  • Partner with Truffle