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Welcome to the Cryptocurrency Wiki

This cryptocurrency encyclopedia aim to be the perfect place to DYOR, as most of you native crypto enthusiasts will already know, stands for Do Your Own Research. A perfect acronym for this large collection of information focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

All the information that you can find in these pages is public knowledge with sources provided. You are welcome to add truthful and unbiased entries to further this body of work. If you just want to dyor on cryptos here, that perfectly fine, feel free to use "hide" option for "Contents" for example, you will not break anything :-)

The wiki is divided in 5 sections:


A long list of cryptocurrencies and all the info we have come upon. Well known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some scams. And smaller ones like MakerDAO or Pirate Chain (ARRR).


The many groups and projects that circle around this Crypto mania. Exchanges like Binance, wallets like Jaxx. See all the intertwined links a company like Digital Currency Group has. You can find universities, non-profits but also known names like Google and Microsoft have a lot of links with crypto projects these days. And what would a cryptocurrency wiki be without Decentralized Autonomous Organisations? Learn about DXdao, Yellow Hat DAO and the MolochDAO.


In which you will find explanations on often used terms and slang. Stuff like Whales, DEXs, Degens, what a nonce is and many Proof-of's. Also dive into WAGMI or HFSP.


Where you can find out that Jesse Powell played Magic the Gathering with Roger Ver in high school or in how many projects Anthony Di Lorio is involved. Read about the DeFi famous Andre Cronje, Stani or Kain. Get to know Steven Nerayoff, a man who is involved with at least 9 cryptocurrencies and who then got charged with extortion.


Money 101

Community Involvement

This info is not necessarily the wiki community's opinion, and we all try to stay as neutral as possible.

If you find any info that is missing, outdated, or just plain wrong you can of course join this Wiki community and add your own pages. The wisdom of the crowd helps us all! You can also email at with suggestions and sources.

This wiki highly appreciates anyone to contribute information and help grow our knowledge further. We ask people politely to never shill projects, keep it neutral and factual and of course use as many sources as possible.

If you want to add a new project, feel free to use this template. Just copy paste the inside text and start adding information.

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Virtual currency

Central bank digital currency

Privately issued cryptocurrency



Cryptocurrency history