Multicoin Capital

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  • "A thesis-driven cryptofund offering LPs venture capital economics with all the advantages of public market liquidity"
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Founded Date: 2017
  • Number of Employees: 10-100


"FTX is building a DEX, Serum, on the Solana blockchain with the help of partners like Kyber Network and Multicoin Capital. Serum is cross-chain comptaible, giving it access to liquidity on DeFi dApps on Ethereum. The DEX will run on a central limit orderbook, but will still operate in a trustless manner."

Is not on their website's portfolio as of 25-11-2020.

"Though its white paper came out in 2017, it only went live late last year, following a Series A round led by Multicoin Capital in July 2019. Solana has since been looking for partnerships to expand its reach."'

Has multiple connections with Solana through FTX and Audius.

Team, Funding, etc.



"Binance is joining the ranks of Ribbit Capital, Union Square Ventures and Marc Andreessen as backers of Multicoin Capital."


Mentioned (13-7-2021) as part of the Investor Network of Asia DeFi Network (ADN).