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"Samsung SDS is using its Nexledger blockchain platform to overhaul how its battery-manufacturing subsidiary manages contracts and the execution of those contracts. For Korean consumers it has developed a smartphone app that uses the blockchain to verify the identity of the phone’s owner to 15 of the nation’s banks. That eliminates the inconvenience of Korea’s 20-year-old identity verification system, which can require a tedious signup process for each bank. Full profile"

"Samsung SDS’s blockchain, Nexledger, helps parties to a contract prove their identity and execute agreements. The platform is already being used by a group of 18 Korean banks in an application called BankSign, which quickly let retail customers of the banks prove who they are, even when visiting a bank where they’re not a customer. Since its launch in August 2018, the system has signed up 235,000 individual users. The information and communication technology branch of Samsung Group is also using the Nexledger to help patients prove their identity, speeding up the time it takes to process a health insurance claim."

Main Links

  • Theta Token has Samsung as advisor and investor.
  • In 2019, Enjin announced a significant collaboration with Samsung and was chosen as the default cryptocurrency wallet offerings in Samsung s10.
  • Is using Flow and is a validator (15-3-2021).


Former Employees

  • Radysh, Vlad; government relations director for BitFury has worked for Samsung.
  • Is among the slew of big names mentioned (12-6-2020) as previous experience on the CertiK team page.

Other links

  • Founding member of the JS Foundation
  • Supplies the ASIC chips for Bitcoin (BTC) miners made by Halong Mining (10-4-2018)
  • "an anonymous source told cryptocurrency industry news outlet CoinDesk Korea that Samsung may end up developing a public-private blockchain complete with its own cryptocurrency token. The project, part of an undertaking by the company’s dedicated blockchain division, would see a blockchain mainnet appear based on the Ethereum network, along with a new asset dubbed Samsung Coin."