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  • Crypto news website founded in early 2018 and based in NYC, "The Block’s team is spread across 7 times zones".
  • The owner Mike Dudas has been known for controversy:

"“We’ve learned (4-2019) that @CoinDesk is telling companies they will only cover their news if it’s not shared with @TheBlock__ until after CoinDesk publishes,” co-founder The Block, Mike Dudas, claimed. “If those vapid, decaying bullies try to pull that on you, give us the news straightaway so true industry leaders read it ASAP,” he stressed."

Coindesk responded:

“This is simply and utterly mischaracterized,” CoinDesk responded to Dudas, emphasizing its “reporters, like all reporters, prioritize exclusives.” Editor-in-Chief Pete Rizzo came out guns blazing, “JUST IN: @mdudas is a liar who will stop at nothing to pump his failing company. When does the SLANDER end? Do we really have an industry where the ACCUSER is always RIGHT? Congrats to @TheBlock__ for bringing birtherism to crypto.”

"Also of interest is how John Biggs, The Block’s first Editor-in-Chief, also suddenly left, but for CoinDesk, not too long after that April row. Biggs was an early guest on the CoinSpice Podcast, and was the first to publicly discuss The Block’s move toward paywalled content. Biggs was clearly a part of The Block’s longer-term plans at that point. His leaving was certainly a slap, considering his new gig, and probably served to only heighten tensions between the two."

Team, investors


  • Mike Dudas; co-founder who, according to their website, has 100% of his crypto invested in BTC.
  • Jake McGraw; co-founder, also 100% BTC.
  • John Biggs, The Block’s first Editor-in-Chief but left to work for CoinDesk in 4-2019.
  • Half of their team does not hold any crypto at all, as of Wednesday, September 5, 2019.
  • Arjun Balaji; advisor (1-1-2019)


  • Raised $2 million among a reported 18 investors, one of whom was crypto exchange bank Coinbase. Around $25,000, which was returned after conflict accusation.