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"History: Like most mining pools, Viabtc provides a block explorer and wallet. Yet another Chinese pool, Viabtc has since expanded to offer staking services, enabling holders to earn a passive return on their PoS coins.

Trivia: Viabtc is famed as a major supporter of bigger blocks and in 2016 mined the first Bitcoin Unlimited block. It also proposed the name for Bitcoin Cash."

  • Also an exchange, 5 trading pairs
  • Supported Bitcoin Unlimited and has friendly ties to Jihan Wu
  • Was the first miner and exchange to run Bitcoin ABC
  • Has vocally said they will not support BitcoinSV
  • Is the company behind the exchange Coinex. Which has its own CET token. Coinex shares 80% of its trading revenue with its users proportionally to their CET holdings. Former BCH team is now working with Coinex on its own public chain, Coinex Chain.

Team, investors, etc.

  • Yang, Haipo (Haiyang); founder & CEO
  • According to a blog from Bitmain: “Bitmain and ViaBTC only share an investment relationship in which ViaBTC operates independently. The founder of ViaBTC has ten times the voting rights as those of the investors of ViaBTC. Therefore, the position of ViaBTC does not represent Bitmain’s stance.”
  • Initial backer (22-1-2020) of the IFP for BCH